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The staff and doctors are amazing and compassionate. Liz Gigler is awesome. She knows how to take care of my kitty who doesn’t like people. She was very compassionate when I had to send one of my kitties across the Rainbow Bridge.

-Rita Larson

5 star rating for the love and compassion that the Vets and staff show toward Emma. It is truly a awesome vet hospital who care for you and your animals. You are a name and not a number, greeting you and your pet with a great hello and joyful greeting. They take time to explain what they will be doing on your visit, even talk to your pet as if it was human. Making your visit very comfortable and relaxing for all. Thank you once again for caring.

-Steve Christensen

Brought my guy Murphy in on a last minute appointment. Even though the clinic was extremely busy and they were down a Dr. that day, the staff was so friendly and helpful. The Murph was handled with great care and I was so appreciative of the level of care and compassion everyone showed to us.
Thank you to everyone who helped make our visit memorable in a very positive way!

-Bill Walsh

Our precious Lottie warms our heart every day, but she can be a handful, as the Techs and Vets can confirm. One evening we discovered some empty grape stems, only to realize she had helped herself to a midnight snack of about 1 1/2 pounds of green grapes….to our horror! We called the Pet hot line, had her seen after hours, left her there for 24 hours, and then followed up with Blaine Family Vet Hospital the next day. The care and concern they had for Lottie is unbelievable. This is not the only time the staff has gone out of their way to accommodate the antics of our loveable Lottie. Lottie has been seen on many occasions due to some unusual circumstances, and the staff has always been patient, courteous, and quick to calm these anxious pet “parents”. I would recommend the Blaine Family Veterinary Hospital to any and all individuals who are looking for a pet clinic with a staff that is loving and devoted to keeping our pets happy and healthy. I would give this facility a 10 star rating, if there was one, but for now … a definite 5 star rating for us. Thank you, Blaine Family Veterinary Hospital. And Dan adds, PS., we LOVED your open house…the best food in town! Kudos to the staff!!

-Linda and Daniel Gilbert

Best FriendLast April we had to make the most difficult decision and put our dear beloved Bunker to sleep. He was our family’s pet for over 13 years and developed problems with his prostate. The staff at Blaine Family went beyond the call to help us through this most grieving decision. They had us settle up everything before taking any action and stayed after business hours allowing us the time needed to be with him. We were not rushed and although at the time much of this was a blur, it is something we can never forget. We can’t thank enough the staff for the courtesy and understanding how our beloved Bunker was such a part of our family. They will have us as our family vet for years to come!

-Madonna & Scott Monette

Brought my 6 month old Lab in for Spay and I want to tell you of the professional care I received from start to finish. Answered all my questions and concerns before I left. Received a call from Vet right after it was done and went through everything again over the phone with me. Upon picking her up, I was given step by step instructions what to do and what to look for. Along with meds that were to be given to her over the next couple of day. Wasn’t rushed and answered all my questions about recovery and how to remove the cone on her head to give her freedom for periods of time. Very affordable and great care. 5 Star rating or a perfect 10 in my eyes. You are treated like a member of their Family.

-Steve Christensen

I just can’t say enough good things about the care my Big Boy Telle has received at Blaine Veterinary Hospital. I pray that Dr. Krista Steffenhagen is around a long time. I’m sure l’m going to need her care of my guy Telle in the future. Thank you!

-Margaret Gadbois

We had to put our sweet Golden Retriever to sleep yesterday due to cancer. We hadn’t been to Blaine Family Vet Hospital before, but we were so pleased with the compassion and care we received. The staff was genuine and caring and we are thankful we felt in good hands. We have a 3-year old Beagle-Lab and will be bringing her in for a check up soon now : ) Thank you to everyone who helped us make the process peaceful. A great clinic, and the prices were reasonable for the services we received.

We brought Ember the Cat in for her yearly check-up and shots. She doesn’t like to be handled nor carried. Dr. Krista treated Ember with care. She was also able to clip her nails in record time. Thank you so much for treating our girl with tender, loving care.

-SherryAnn Tarte

Boomer gets great care at Blaine Family Vet. They’re always able to keep him calm during shots and nail clipping visits along with getting us in and out as quickly as possible.

-Jared & Brittany Lively

Jack and Mittens have always gotten the most compassionate care here. I highly recommend the Blaine Family Vet Hospital!

-Kristi Haertl

I love Blaine Family Veterinary Hospital! They take great care of my Butters boy and are always very clear about the cost of everything before it’s done. The techs are always gentle with him and just love him up. The vet is top notch & always makes sure I understand everything and all my questions are answered. Best vet in the area!

-Diana Berg

I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else with Daisy’s surgery! She is my baby and I treat my animals like children! Thank you so much for taking care of her! Dr Steffenhagen and staff are the best!

-Christa Gutterman

Dr. Steffenhagen did a GREAT job with our dog Castiel. Not only did she help him but made very helpful suggestions for his weight management.

-Richard Halsted

We recently brought our dog Jett in to see Dr. Steffenhagen for an injury to his neck. She allowed us to drop him off because it was last minute. We received a call later that day with all the information we would need to take care of Jett. The office called back to make sure he was doing okay. When we returned for a recheck, she listened to what we said and helped out with what his needs for an upcoming road trip to keep him comfortable. I really love this doctor and office …..we won’t be taking our pets anywhere else!

-Shawna Kee

I really like this clinic and their staff. They are so good with our dog, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

-Lynn Schuver

I couldn’t ask for better and more patient vet and vet techs to work with. I have a very large dog with an attitude and they all are great dealing with him, especially Lisa! I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Definitely, a caring wonderful place to bring your pets. Thank you!

-Tiffany Witzel

I have always received excellent care for my pets at Blaine Family Vet. One of our dogs got a hold of the other dogs’ medication and could have accidentally overdosed on it. The staff immediately took action and became available to take the dog in for care. They will work with you to set up care credit with you to help finance care. They are very considerate with customers who are worried about their pets or are grieving the loss of a pet. I am thankful they have opened up in my neighborhood.

-Tina Woods

Dr. Krista and staff are so sweet and accomodating to my dog Coco. They take the time to reassure her and answer our questions.

-Tawnya Hall

I bring my cat Tigger to Blaine Family Veterinary Hospital. I see Dr. Molly Galler and she is very good. Actually, everybody does a really good job with my cat. They have such friendly service and is nice and clean. They do a great job! I highly recommend them.

-Grace Rorwick

Our dog Jett has received top notch care from the people at Blaine Family Veterinary Hospital. Both doctors have taken care of him this summer and I could not be more pleased with the care and honest concern they have given him. You get the feeling that these people truly care about your pets and that is always the most important thing to consider when seeking care for them. We bring both of our dogs here for routine and emergency care and would never take them anywhere else!

-Shawna Kee

Awesome place! Every visit is a positive, welcoming experience. All of the employees are super helpful and happy to answer any questions and educate. Would definitely recommend to anyone
who’s looking for a great place to take their pets!

-Kyle Langlie

Absolute the best vet. We followed Dr. Steffenhagen from Forest Lake to Blaine and now have introduced my mother in law. The passion and respect from the second you walk in from every team member is just outstanding. I can’t say enough great things. It’s so heart warming when you find a vet that has the same compassion towards your animals. It’s even more remarkable when the entire staff does as well! You can really tell they all believe the same and work as a team, you really feel such positive energy when you walk in the door, from start to finish! One of kinda gem they have going on there!

-Claire Catherine Phillips

We have been taking our animals there for a few years and they have always been wonderful. When we had to say goodbye to one of our dogs last year they were so compassionate. Yesterday I took a new dog there for a checkup and my 4 year old granddaughter was with and had many many questions. Dr Steffenhagen was remarkably patient and answered her questions and even let her look in our dog’s ears and listen to his heart and lung sounds. The staff is very kind! We moved out of Blaine but I still bring my animals there.

-Nancy Fuerstenberg

A big thank you to Dr. S and the staff here. I was able to drop my pet off when she’d been vomiting for days and everyone was wonderful. Dr. S explained everything to me clearly, gave recommendations with respect for my financial situation, answered my questions, and helped me outline a plan of what’s next depending on how my pup responds to the treatment. Ashley, one of the vet techs, called me the next day to check in and see if I had any additional questions. I live in Minneapolis and don’t have a car, but I will definitely continue to go here for continued care for any of my three dogs. I know they will be treated with care. Thank you everyone!!

-Jessi Halloran

This is an amazing clinic! All the techs are so sweet and caring. Dr. Krista is so nice and understanding. They patiently answer any questions or concerns I’ve had with my 16 year old chihuahua and with my 4 year old deaf chihuahua. You don’t have to wait forever for your appointment and it’s great that they are open Saturday’s as well. I highly recommend bringing your pets here!

-Dani Marie